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Pool Maintenance

If you’re tired of handling messy chemicals and guessing, let us take care of all the maintenance details for you.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

We are a full-service company with your best interest in mind. We can clean, perform chemical service, maintain and repair pool equipment, making the demands of pool ownership easier. Protect your investment and spend more time enjoying your pool – let us be your complete pool service company.

Weekly pool maintenance starting at $130 per month.



Our service includes

We visit your pool once a week and we do the following:

  • Vacuum pool (as needed)

  • Cleaning Tile line

  • Blowing off Deck and Equipment pad

  • Skimming Pool

  • Brush Walls Bi-weekly

  • Testing and balancing water chemistry

  • Emptying all baskets and automatic cleaner bags

  • Inspecting pool equipment for any leaks or repairs

  • Backwash/Clean Filter - as needed

All other service calls will be a discounted rate.

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