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Mosquito Spraying

We don't deal with pests and you shouldn't either!

Do you think you should ever put up with mosquitoes?

Neither do we!! That is why we are wanting to bring more value to your property by keeping it mosquito free. Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest “animals” on the planet accounting for millions of deaths each year!

What we do:

South Georgia is known for its abundant mosquito and bug population. With our mosquito control service, every 21 days Outdoor Living-trained (and licensed) applicators apply an EPA-approved mixture to trees, shrubs, and other mosquito-friendly areas in your yard. This kills adult mosquitos and inhibits larval development. During each visit, we inspect your property for any standing water, and where we find it, we apply a product to eliminate eggs.

The result? A blissfully mosquito-free zone that’s all yours to enjoy.

When do we treat?

Every 21 days a technician will arrive at your property and treat your entire property.  You do not need to be home for us to treat. Your treatment will be on the same day of the week unless it interferes with a holiday or weather does not permit.  We recommend receiving treatments from March 1st until October 31st.

Do we Guarantee you to be mosquito free?

As any other service Outdoor Living offers, we guarantee our work.  If at any time between your 21 day treatment you are being bothered by mosquitoes, you call us and we will respond as quickly as possible for a retreat at NO additional cost to you. 

Special Occasion/Even Treatments:

Having an event or special occasion? DO NOT hesitate to call.  Make sure to call us 3-4 days ahead of time so we will have time to get to your property before your event so you and your guest can relax and not worry about the pests!


Most residential properties start at $55.00 per application.  If you are one of our existing pool and lawn service customers, we are offering a $10.00 OFF discount.  Want to save even more? For every customer you refer to us that goes on a 3 week maintenance program, you will get one application FREE!!!

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